Janae Stracke – CWA, Congresswoman Marilyn Musgrave – SBA-List, Chuck Hurley – TFL defunding PPH

TFOT 9-30-15   Today three great guest join in the discussion taking place across this nation on defunding Planned Parenthood after gruesome videos expose the killing of the unborn and peddling their tiny body parts.

Janae Stracke is Communications Director for Concerned Women For America – www.cwfa.org.  She sat through the congressional hearing when PPH’s Cecile Richards gave falsly implied the videos were doctored.   Janae promoted the website www.getyourcare.org which gives locations of comprehensive full service medical clinics that are approved for Medicaid funding so women will actually have more options for full health care than limited abortion services at PPH.    CWA is asking Americans to call 202-224-3121 and call US Senators to vote for HR 3495 Women’s Public Health and Safety Bill which allows state to remove tax dollars from PPH now that it has passed the House.

Former Congresswoman Marilyn Musgrave now works with Susan B. Anthony List www.sba-list.org urged listeners to watch the videos at

Center for Medical Progress and see for themselves the atrocities taking place with the help of tax dollars. SBA reports that even if every penny of the group’s $528.4 million in government funding ended tomorrow, the group would retain 59% of its current baseline income.   Healthcare options would actually improve for women if Medicaid dollars went to clinics doing comprehensive care.

Chuck Hurley from The FAMiLY Leader www.thefamilyleader.com has joined with state legislators to defund PPH and has turned up the heat with this 57 second video explaining how Iowa tax dollars are being used to fund PPH with the Medicaid state and federal matching funds.    Hurley urged Iowans to call Governor Branstad’s office at 515-281-5211 and implore him to stop funding PPH through Medicaid / IA matching dollars.
You’ve been informed, now be encouraged and never be complacent!



Gregg Cummings – Tea Party Patriots


Gregg Cummings – Co-founder of Iowa Grassroots Coalition and member of Tea Party Patriots discusses Sen. Vitter’s has two bills removing healthcare exemptions for members of congress under the Affordable Healthcare Act and force them to live under the same laws they pass for the citizenry.   Tea Party Patriots also will have a webinar on 7-1-15 @8pm eastern educating voters on an alternative to the costly demands under AFA through Healthcare Compacts for each state.   TPPatriots created a documentary entitled Border States of America while touring the 2200 miles of our southern border, speaking with those how actually live in the vast unprotected areas and the dangers they face daily.  Finally, you can have input in the upcoming presidential election by going to IAGRC to get honest assessment cards for candidates that you then submit and they will post results monthly giving you real results rather than agenda driven polling.