NC RFRA – Attorneys Tami Fitzgerald, NC Values Coalition, and Austin Nimocks , of Alliance Defending Freedom -TFOT – 4/29/15

TFOT – 4/29/15    Religious Liberty is under attack in America like never before.  Though leaders in Indiana lost sight and ‘fail’ short in a law protecting religious liberty, North Carolinians are working to establish just such a law to reassert the First Amendment rights that so many have taken for granted and allowed to be trampled.  Today’s guests Tami Fitzgerald (North Carolina Values Coalition) and Austin Nimocks (Alliance Defending Freedom senior counsel) .  Listen and learn – are the citizens in your state protected?  As small business owners and now pastors are being threatened – whether agnostic, atheist, or evangelic –  it’s time to STAND – without 1A rights you will lose the ability to express your views, right to association, or support a cause.  RFRA puts power back in your pocket with your dollar through capitalism rather than government dictating who can/can’t do business according to the beliefs they determine.

Religious Freedom