TFOT 5-13-15 Graphic New Sex Ed – Grossly in Error with Rep. Bob McDermott and Kyle Olson

State Representative Bob McDermott, HD 40 Hawaii, and Kyle Olson from discuss the vile sex programs (formerly sex ed or health and reproduction) soiling our nation’s schools, violating and exploiting even our elementary students by falling to give accurate and full disclosure as to health risks of sexual acts being visually promoted. We’re not just talking moral difference here, we’re talking medical inaccuracies being taught to your children. Hawaii’s Pono’s Choice program literally redefined the anus as a reproductive organ so oral-to-anul sex could be taught to 11-13 year olds. These programs are so graphic it’s hard for parents to grasp that it’s actually happening and politicians fear losing political capital. So, our children continue as the casualties of our inaction and disbelief. Graphically honest, this show gives guidance to parents who care enough to wade past the embarrassment and blush to demand truth and medical accuracy for their children.