Nuclear & non-nuclier EMP’s, Threats From Iran and North Korea – The What, Why and How with Ambassador Hank Cooper and Dr. Peter Pry

On the verge of a very bad deal with Iran, Ambassador Henry Cooper and Dr. Peter Pray warn of risks to America.  We’ll discuss national security, Israel, Iran, Isis, altered intelligence reports, IAEA, the EMP / Grid Threat to America and what Americans should be asking the 2016 presidential candidates.

Below are links to various articles on the subject for your information. 
On Iran: Don’t Trust, Never Trust, and VerifyBy Henry F. Cooper & Peter Vincent Pry —National Review Online, September 14,

Heading Toward an EMP Catastrophe
by R. James Woolsey & Peter Vincent Pry

Obama’s Arms-Control Delusion
by R. James Woolsey & Peter Vincent PryAugust 26, 2015 4:00 AM

Huckabee on Israel, ISIS, IRAN and the EMP/Grid Threat

A Shariah-approved nuclear attackAn EMP would accomplish ‘death to America’   By James Woolsey and Peter Pry – – Tuesday, August 18,

The articles listed above were all written in part by one of today’s guest.  The articles below are not, but have content associated with today’s topics:

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Altered Intelligence Reports

Experts urge release of Iran Inspection plan    9/18/15 Jerusalem Post


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