It’s time to defund and dissolve Planned Parenthood

America is at a pivotal point.   WIth videos depicting the despicable dangling of limbs and the dissecting of body parts.   There is no longer deniability – PPH is killing babies, not removing blobs of tissue.    If we the people don’t rise up to protect our fellow Americans waiting to be born, we’re no better than those who simply chose to sing louder as the railcars whisked by with their fellow countrymen headed to the gas chamber.    It’s time to stand – every elected official, state and federal, need to STOP PPH’s governmental gravy train of 1.4Million per day in the form of grants, reimbursements, and taxpayer dollars (SBA-list fact sheet).   Moms and dads who are working hard to feed their own children, shouldn’t be forced to fund the killing of someone else’s.  It’s time to defund PPH if not dissolve it altogether.