TFOT 12-2-15 Government Regulations killing industries & costing taxpayers Rob Potter & Paul Reynolds



Tri-Star Coal Sales Company Owner and President, Rob Potter and Alabama National Committeeman and CEO of Reynolds Technical Associates, Paul Reynolds discuss the ever increasing number of rules and regulations that literally killing off industries and costing business owners and employees because of the compliance cost.
While Americans might have stuffed themselves with 2,000 plus calories on Thanksgiving Day, they likely never saw the 2,224 new regulations the administration heaped on them the day after.   Michael Bastasch reports this administration has a habit of unloading these heavy handed rules over holidays when the media and most Americans miss them – until the impact.
Laws are to come from the legislative branch, nowhere else.   The House of Representatives is up for election every two years so taxpayers have the quickest recourse to control the purse.  dasd
Reynolds explains that after the 1946 Administrative Procedures Act, we saw a swell in centralized power and a growth in regulatory committees.   In fact, we now have 438 regulatory committees listed with the federal registry, that’s more than the number of members in the U.S. House.
Potter warned that heavy regulations are literally destroying the coal industry with several coal mines filing for bankruptcy, 8,000 jobs have been lost in the last couple of years and another 20,000 expected to go.
Competitive Enterprise Institute says these regulations are costing American families $14,000 plus a year on average.  That’s serious money.   When presidential candidates pander the idea of a minimum wage increase understand that will cause an increase in product cost which will cycle back with  a higher cost of living.   Doing away with some of these regulations would allow American’s to keep the hard-earned money they’ve already earned while limited the size and scope of government.
2,224 Thanksgiving Day regs:
list of 438 regulatory commissions