TFOT 12-16-15 Lynne Taylor discusses NCLB / ESEA / ESSA passage and its impact.



1) My article which followed the Senate vote and some truths the big media forgot:
2) My article which followed the House vote with some truths we hoped the Senate would listen to:
3) The latest article I wrote about the ties to WIOA (Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act) and the HEA (Higher Education Act) to the ESSA. *Note: the re-authorization of the HEA will be coming sometime soon. Sen. Alexander shared back in July 2015, at the passage ECAA (Every Child Achieves Act) passed that what was started there would be completed in the HEA’s re-up.)
4) Since social, emotional learning will be such a big part of education now, here’s an eye opener:
5) “College and Career Readiness” has long been a name the CCSS Machine has used to supposedly distance it from CCSS. However, CCR IS CCSS! This also shows more ties to the HEA and the agenda/alignment of all education.
6) Since PreK will also be impacted by the ESSA, here’s one where CBE (competency based education) will align the little ones for college or career.
7) “Global readiness” is also part of the CCSS Machine’s efforts to align American education. It will also become part of what is enacted in classes across America, regardless of where the students attend.(*Note: all educational choices have access to AP courses. AP and IB courses are specifically written into the language of the ESSA.)
8) A collection of how special needs, homeschoolers, and much more for those wanting to learn how CTE (career tech education) and a host of other CCSS portions (including STEM) will impact education just as much (and even more now that ESSA is law) as it has since the RttT waivers forced CCSS on us.  Here is the story for point 8, which I also left out.
9) About those RttT waivers now being repurposed in ESSA:

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