12-23-15 P. George Tryfiates re-tells Washington’s Christmas Crossing of the Delaware in 1776

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When we think of 1776, our first thought is usually the Declaration of Independence.  When we think Christmas we should always remember the birth of the Savior, but too often we fail to remember George Washington’s crossing of the Delaware and subsequent victory over the Hessians that spurred us on to becoming the land of the free.

P. George Tryfiates reminds us, 1776 was a brutal year of highs and lows for a small ragtag militia who would fight against the world’s best funded empire at the time – Great Britain.

David Mccullough’s book 1776 inspires the story George shares through his delightful gift of re-telling this historical Christmas crossing that changed the course for America from becoming a fatality of nations – to a nation of faith which has grown to be a light on a hill and a beacon of hope to the world around us.

Today, as America faces uncertainty, division, and unrest – it would certainly do us well to seek the direction and protection of God Almighty as did Washington on so many occasions, but it would also behoove us a nation to remember the circumstances of 1776.   It wasn’t a majority, but a minority of colonists brave enough to stand against an obtrusive King.

George Washington and a scrappy crew of battle-weary, ragged soldiers with little to no resources or provisions made a courageous decision to cross the Delaware during the night to surprise the British in an early morning attack.  The 80 foot wide river had swollen another 50 feet due to flooding as a northeasterner blizzard rolled through with rain, hail, then snow and freezing temperatures.   George shares how God’s providence gave victory on Dec 26th when the attack finally took place and how we might consider forging ahead today as families, parents, and pastors to restore our nation, and even more, to restore our hearts for eternity.
Our hope is in God, not man; but peace, the pursuit of happiness, and even prosperity as a nation will once again be tangible when we return God to public square.   Our best start is to once again honor Him in our hearts and homes, training up our children to know our history not just as Americans or Europeans, but as a people and all God has done for us – like giving His only begotten Son that we whosoever believeth in Him will have eternal life, John 3:16
Christmas offers us a great time to share this story of Christ’s birth found in Luke 2.   The New Year brings new hope and new habits – it’s a great time to start a new devotional series individually or a new Biblical reading program with your kids.   You’ll be AMAZED at how this is helpful in creating a Godly home with golden moments and strong relationships this world will be unable to destroy.   I hope you’ll give it a try.
Scripture versers shared in today’s broadcast:

GUEST:    P. Georg Tryfiates serves the Director of Government Affairs for the Association of Christian Schools International.  ACSI identifies and analyzes a broad array of national, legal, and legislative issues, tracking legislation and issuing reports for each state as George monitors legislation and issues of national concern.

I wish you a blessed and very Merry CHRISTmas with your friends and family and may you have a hope-filled New year!

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