Live 2-18-16 TFOT Dr. Gary Kohls – Vexed by the Zika Virus & Vaccine?

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You’ve heard the warnings, been scared by the images, and seen the vaccine advertisements; why all the panic?    Possible pandemic or propaganda?   Dr. Gary Kohls provides clarity.

We did a search during the interview and several images of babies with birth defects popped up.  Dr. Kohl acknowledge the very successful propaganda campaign and cautions mothers against any vaccination during pregnancy.   When we quickly checked the CDC website, it didn’t seem to have the fear campaign concerning Zika and pregnancy.

Can mothers pass Zika on to their fetuses during pregnancy?

Zika virus can be passed from a mother to her fetus during pregnancy. We are studying how Zika affects pregnancies.”

As Dr. Kohls pointed out,  even if there was correlation – that would not equal causation.

Dr. Kohls warns that all would be safer without flu shots, especially those containing thimerosal (mercury).

Other discussion, mental health and healthy habits.

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Update:     An Iowa resident has tested positive for Zika Virus 2-19-16