TFOT 4-2-16 Rep. Bobby Kaufmann & Linda Harvey – LGBTQ v. Government Oversight


4-2-16 TFOT – Rep. Bobby Kaufmann serves as the Chair of the Iowa House Government Oversight Committee.   Recently the committee investigated the annual LGBTQ conference due to direct and indirect tax dollars funding the conference.  The question of profane and vulgar content to minors which is prohibited in the Iowa Code was also a concern.

Linda Harvey, columnist, author, and founder of Mission shared stories of heart-broken parents who later learned their children had been given LGBTQ information without their permission.  The students were confused and suffering with parents having no idea why or how to best help.

HSB 647 calls for parental opt in when human health, growth, and development (sex ed and LGBTQ conferences included) programs or instruction is to take place.    This will ensure parents are aware before a child experiences confusing or contrary information that parents may not find appropriate for their student.

ACTION:   Call 515-281-3221 ask Representatives to support HSB 647!   Also, ask them to ensure no tax dollars fund further LGBTQ conferences in Iowa.