TFOT 7-15-15 Tom McGovern –, Sharon Slater –, Penny Nance –

On the road, remote from Washington, D.C. to address the latest issues.   Tom McGovern, State Director of CUFI – Christians United For Israel discusses the Iran Deal signed by John Kerry 7-14-15.  As only God can plan, CUFI already had 5,000 members scheduled on the Hill to share concerns.     Sharon Slater, Family Watch International working within the UN to protect families and expose policies that harm individuals under the guise of sex ed and human rights.  Penny Nancy, President – Concerned Women for America, the nation’s largest women’s policy organization dealing with a variety of issues from families to national sovereignty offers hope of how you can be informed and make a difference.

Gregg Cummings – Tea Party Patriots


Gregg Cummings – Co-founder of Iowa Grassroots Coalition and member of Tea Party Patriots discusses Sen. Vitter’s has two bills removing healthcare exemptions for members of congress under the Affordable Healthcare Act and force them to live under the same laws they pass for the citizenry.   Tea Party Patriots also will have a webinar on 7-1-15 @8pm eastern educating voters on an alternative to the costly demands under AFA through Healthcare Compacts for each state.   TPPatriots created a documentary entitled Border States of America while touring the 2200 miles of our southern border, speaking with those how actually live in the vast unprotected areas and the dangers they face daily.  Finally, you can have input in the upcoming presidential election by going to IAGRC to get honest assessment cards for candidates that you then submit and they will post results monthly giving you real results rather than agenda driven polling.

Dr. Marshall Foster celebrates 800 years of the Magna Carta and its impact


Respected historian Dr. Marshall Foster of discusses the Magna Carta, June 15, 1215 as it turns 800 years old. What it meant then and still signifies today.   Did you know it was revered as a sacred document with scriptural foundations?   That it was the first written restrictions on the powers of government?  That the freedoms and liberties expressed in the Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence are extensions of the Magna Carta, and said to be thoroughly Christian?   That our Founders weren’t rebelling against England they were preserving the individual liberties enshrined in this early document signed by King John at Runnymede, June 15, 1215.