Dr. Karen Effrem and Jane Robbins discuss letter to congress to stop ESEA


10-14-15 – Truth For Our Time heard on at 10-11a.m. cdt, on www.webcastonelive.com.   Dr. Karen Effrem from Education Liberty Watch and Florida Stop Common Core Coalition, and Jane Robbins from American Principles Project discussed the recent letter sent to congress (10-13-15) urging them to suspend work on reauthorizing No Child Left Behind.
The letter was sent to congressional education leaders responsible for crafting the bill – House Education Chairman John Kline (R-MN), Ranking Member Robert Scott (D-VA), Senate Education Chairman Lamar Alexander (R-TN), and Ranking Member Patty Murray (D-WA)
In an impressive show of revolt, the six page letter has five pages of signatures from representatives of 180 groups in 45 states.   Americans are pushing back against federal intrusion and overreach, the press release
This letter strongly urges suspension of work on this bill “until a new administration is elected that, we hope, will follow the rule of law and the Constitution regarding the proper federal role in education.”
This request is being made because:
“…for a conference report to be acceptable to this President, given the administration’s dangerous record in so many aspects of the ESEA and related statutes and programs, the report would be completely unacceptable to us and our membership – the millions of families, students, and in many cases teachers, such as the majority of those surveyed from Tennessee that oppose implementation of Common Core, of this nation who are affected by these policies.”
…This is a powerful statement from grassroots organizations across the nation that we demand the elimination of federal control over education.”
Please take 2 minutes seconds to call your congressional delegation and tell them to vote NO on the ESEA reauthorization: 202.224.3121.   
Tweet the abridged link http://bit.ly/1Lj6uz5 to your congressional members and to tell them to stop ESEA.

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As promised in the show, here is the link to Lamar Alexander’s speech promoting the ‘brand new American school’ open for 12 hour days, 7 days a week, year round expanding to 3 month old babies.
The website SSRI Stories discussing the common denominator in many school shootings being the legal drugging of our children. antihttp://www.ssristories.net/school-shootings/
Links from text:
Press Release: http://edlibertywatch.org/2015/10/for-immediate-release-national-coalition-opposes-no-child-left-behind-rewrite-conference-bill/


TFOT 7-15-15 Tom McGovern – CUFI.org, Sharon Slater – FamilyWatchInternational.org, Penny Nance – CWFA.org

On the road, remote from Washington, D.C. to address the latest issues.   Tom McGovern, State Director of CUFI – Christians United For Israel discusses the Iran Deal signed by John Kerry 7-14-15.  As only God can plan, CUFI already had 5,000 members scheduled on the Hill to share concerns.     Sharon Slater, Family Watch International working within the UN to protect families and expose policies that harm individuals under the guise of sex ed and human rights.  Penny Nancy, President – Concerned Women for America, the nation’s largest women’s policy organization dealing with a variety of issues from families to national sovereignty offers hope of how you can be informed and make a difference.

TFOT 7-1-15 Pastor Brad Atkins and Charl Van Wyk – church shootings


Pastor Atkins of Powdersville First Baptist  is working with a group of pastors to guide the Charleston, SC community through the healing process after a gunman martyred 9 church members at AME Emanuel Church.   Thankfully, several of these pastors had met just days earlier at an Issachar training of The American Renewal Project; a project to teach pastors how to lead in their communities.     There are no surprises on God’s day planner and He was filling the roster of His care team.   In 1993, Pastor Charl Van Wyk survived the St. James massacre in South Africa when terrorist came in with grenades, automatic weapons and opened fire on the congregation of thousand plus.  Unlike the AME members, Charl was able to return fire with his .38 special snub-nose revolver, ultimately saving lives as the terrorists fled.   Both pastors share the dangers facing Christians today and the responsibility to defend ourselves Biblically while discussing the cultural and political issues that feed these situations.     They instruct congregations how to protect themselves and communities how to prevent these needless crimes.



Dr. Marshall Foster celebrates 800 years of the Magna Carta and its impact


Respected historian Dr. Marshall Foster of www.worldhistoryinstitute.com discusses the Magna Carta, June 15, 1215 as it turns 800 years old. What it meant then and still signifies today.   Did you know it was revered as a sacred document with scriptural foundations?   That it was the first written restrictions on the powers of government?  That the freedoms and liberties expressed in the Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence are extensions of the Magna Carta, and said to be thoroughly Christian?   That our Founders weren’t rebelling against England they were preserving the individual liberties enshrined in this early document signed by King John at Runnymede, June 15, 1215.

TFOT 5-13-15 Graphic New Sex Ed – Grossly in Error with Rep. Bob McDermott and Kyle Olson

State Representative Bob McDermott, HD 40 Hawaii, and Kyle Olson from EAGnews.org discuss the vile sex programs (formerly sex ed or health and reproduction) soiling our nation’s schools, violating and exploiting even our elementary students by falling to give accurate and full disclosure as to health risks of sexual acts being visually promoted. We’re not just talking moral difference here, we’re talking medical inaccuracies being taught to your children. Hawaii’s Pono’s Choice program literally redefined the anus as a reproductive organ so oral-to-anul sex could be taught to 11-13 year olds. These programs are so graphic it’s hard for parents to grasp that it’s actually happening and politicians fear losing political capital. So, our children continue as the casualties of our inaction and disbelief. Graphically honest, this show gives guidance to parents who care enough to wade past the embarrassment and blush to demand truth and medical accuracy for their children.